Cross Country Skiing

Ellis Hollow operated a ski hill from 1962 to 1976. Edie Dimock initiated the project and continued to be involved with its operation. Edie Dimock's son Tom reported, "Edie would come up with an idea and get her crew (Jim Brann, Bud Bizzell, John Zagata, Hank Hanshaw, her brother, and a few others) to build it. They would start out telling her she was crazy and it couldn't be done, but she'd keep after them until they did it."

 The first ski hill was located on Ringwood Road and operated with just one tow rope. This enterprise lasted only one year before moving to Thomas Road on land leased from the Caveneys. There were three rope tows at this hill and a ski chalet. Lessons were offered and 40 to 50 area families skied there regularly. A precipitous rise in insurance rates forced the abandonment of the ski hill in the spring of 1976. Tom Dimock, Edie's son speculates, "if the insurance companies had not closed them down they would have had snow-making equipment within another year or so."

 In the winter of 1974, a cross-country ski trail was developed between the Lemon property on Ellis Hollow Road and the Allaway land on Ogden Road. The Cascadilla Headwaters Ski Trail began where Cascadilla Creek crosses Ellis Hollow Road, 500 feet west of the church. Please see map for a visual idea of where the trail is.