Tennis Courts

Tennis Anyone?

The community center grounds feature two tennis courts for those residents who like to play. They are located just down the hill from the storage shed, on the north side of the playing fields.

Dr. and Mrs. Harold Purdy initiated the project to build the tennis courts. A number of community members worked on this project extensively doing much of the hard labor themselves. The community building crew included Hal Purdy, Walter Coward, Ross Welch, and Bill House, among others. The drainage ditches and tiles were put in place, and fill material was brought in and allowed to settle for several years before the actual construction of the courts began. Using a tractor provided by Reuben Shapley, the building crew took a considerable amount of time leveling and preparing the site. Bob Hillman brought a tractor to the site and dug the holes for the fence posts. In 1977, on the day that the fence posts were set in place, many people turned out to help with the project. Private contractors completed the actual paving and fence.

The courts are surrounded by a 10-foot-chain-link fence. They are used on a first come, first served basis. At least one net is up all winter for those warm balmy winter days.


Junior Group Lessons

Ages: 5-13
Aug. 9-11th (Tuesday-Thursday) and Aug. 16-18 (Tuesday- Thursday).
$10 per day or $48 for all 6 lessons.
Beginner  10:30-11:30
Intermediate- (must be able to keep a rally of 10 or more). 11:30-12:30.
Contact: Patricia ( or
Mari ( for more info or placement!
Patricia is also doing private lessons and small group lessons at $40 per hour contact her if you would like to set up your own group.