Skating Rink

Don Armstrong and his family instigated the building of the community skating rinks during the 1970s. The Armstrong children were avid ice hockey players and their daughter enjoyed figure skating. The Armstrongs wanted a safe, local rink so that all the neighborhood children might practice and enjoy the sport close to home.

Two rinks were originally built, the first one in the center of the field, directly across from the community center, which was used for figure skating. The second rink was built down below the driveway (about where the present rink is now located). Mr. Armstrong was in large part responsible for helping to set up both rinks, including installing an underground tank, the water from which could be used to flood the lower pond.

Through the years, use of the rinks declined and the upper rink was abandoned. Now there is one skating rink, which is available for hockey and figure skating as weather conditions permit during the winter. At one time, skating parties were a popular attraction during the long Ithaca winters.

Every year the Board of Directors try to see to it that the skating rink area is brush-hogged and mown so that the area freezes nicely for winter skating. Lights have been placed around the skating area. The underground tank fell into disuse and is no longer used to flood the pond.

Please bring your own shovels and brooms to clean the rink of any snow which may have fallen. Don't forget to take them with you - the EHCC is not liable for any items left behind. Remember that this is your community rink - treat it with respect.