Nature Trails

Ellis Hollow Nature Trail
In 1981, Cornell Botany Professor Harold E. Moore left to the EHCC a 14.6-acre parcel of land that adjoins Community Center property north of the tennis courts. (see map below).

In 1993, the Board voted to develop the Nature Trail from the center to Cascadilla Creek. In 1994, the Board voted to establish a Nature Center on the parcel. Trails were laid out and pruning and clearing done. Three Hollow residents did Eagle Scout projects that assisted in the development of the Nature Center. Dan White built the bridge over the stream; Matthew Weiss built the small kiosk to hold the map of the nature trail; and Nathan Wilson laid out the trail that winds its way through the woods and meadows. In 1995-1996, the Boy Scouts, Brownies, and other volunteers continued trail clearing and marking.

In 1999, according to former Board President Paul Kneeland, beavers had built a few dams on Cascadilla Creek; this should make the Nature trail an interesting afternoon walk. You will find a map of the Community Center grounds at the end of this booklet. In 2000, the paths were cleared by the Boy Scouts and florescent tape was placed along the way so that hikers might be better able to see the trail


Nature Trail