The Church

Religious services were held in the Ellis school house (see map) during the early days. The small group of people who worshipped there were members of the Slaterville Springs Methodist church. The minister had other congregations and could only come on alternate Sunday afternoons.


Attendance increased and weekly services were held after the congregation joined the Varna Methodist Church in 1889. Ann H. Smith, the youngest daughter of Peleg Ellis, was a member of the congregation. She had long dreamed of a church in Ellis Hollow. In 1895, five years before her death, she donated land that had been cleared by her father, and the first $1000 to the church's building fund. Members and residents of the community donated what they could in money and labor. In 1896, the little church in the valley was filled to capacity for its dedication. The Ellis Hollow Community Church, located on Ellis Hollow Road continues to welcome all to its Sunday services.

 Today the Church closes down during the winter months. The Pastor, Carolyn Byrne, also welcomes you at the Varna Methodist Church during these months.The Church reopens each year with the Palm Sunday Service.