Century Houses

There are well over two dozen houses in Ellis Hollow that have been lived in for a century or more. There were farmhouses, many built in the Greek Revival style popular between 1820 and 1860.

  • The Home of Zephaniah Brown (Fig. 1) built around 1830.(See Peleg Ellis page)
  • The home that Peleg Ellis built in 1800 started out as a log cabin at the headwaters of Cascadilla Creek. In 1808 Peleg built a larger house in front of the log cabin. It was made up of four rooms, each with a fireplace. That house is the front half of "Headwaters"(Fig. 2). For more information see (Peleg Ellis page)


  • The house at 1202 Ellis Hollow Road, formerly owned by Paul Gates, was built about 1865, and for many years was the main farmhouse of the old Snyder farm. Paul Gates, who died in 1999, wrote an unpublished paper on Ellis Hollow. The front half of the house at 1184 Ellis Hollow Road was the hired man's house on that farm.
  • The front half of the house at 1184 Ellis Hollow Road was the hired man's house on that farm.
  • 1780 Ellis Hollow Rd. (Fig. 3) was the former General Store and Post Office run by William and Luthera Bennett.


  • The house at 1374 Ellis Hollow Road was built in 1860 by a member of the Cornelius family, one of the early families in the Hollow (Fig. 4). The house is built in Greek Revival style and was once owned by Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Post, one of the founding families of the Community Center



  • The home of Paul & Sabina Kneeland on the southeast corner of Ellis Hollow and Genung Road, was thought to have been a speakeasy where illegal liquor was sold during prohibition in the 1920's. Judging by the quantity of clam shells and broken glass found in the back yard, business must have been good.
  • The former J. H. Whitlock house (1502 Ellis Hollow Road), was built in the Federal style of the early 1800's by Wessels S. Middaugh, it is one of the oldest houses in Ellis Hollow.
  • The gothic house at 1790 Ellis Hollow Road was built in 1843 by John J. Ellis on land given to him by his father Peleg Ellis. Most of the present Ellis Highlands development is on the original John J. Ellis farm. The gabled house has undergone extensive restoration and renovation around 1999-2000. The barn behind the house is the old cheese factory building, which was moved from its original location across the road from the church. (Fig. 5).



  • H. Emmons Ogden was born in the former Horton Hunt home (Fig. 6), 529 Ellis Hollow Creek Road. The house, which his great-grandfather bought almost new in 1865, remained in his family for 110 years. Hunt Hill Road is named for the Hunt family, which homesteaded the area. (see map). Emmons, who now lives next door at 517 Ellis Hollow Creek Road, contributed to the current housing boom in Ellis Hollow by building 14 houses in the area. The Town of Caroline named Ogden Road for him.

  • The home at 91 Ellis Hollow Creek Road was built by John Mitchell about 1840. Hesikiah English, Jr. bought it about 1889. He was a prosperous sheep farmer who did not believe in banks. When he died it was rumored that large numbers of bills, mildewed with age, were found in old almanacs. The house stood vacant for almost 25 years until shortly before Wat and Edie Dimock bought it in 1940.
  • The home of John and Jerri Behler, 562 Ellis Hollow Creek Rd. as it stands today (fig.7). Eugene Banfield had a blacksmith shop across the road from the country store. In the 1890's Leon Willsey, an Ellis Hollow native, built a small building in his yard and opened a barbershop. During the political campaigns, the Democrats gathered at the barbershop, while the Republican pole was raised in front of the John J. Ellis house. John and Jerri Behler (562 Ellis Hollow Creek Road) now own the house. The barbershop is still standing (barely) and the Behlers plan on more clearly marking the site for historical purposes. A new drawing was done of the house for the 50th Anniversary booklet by Lois McManus, who has done all the original drawings which are shown in the booklets and website (Fig 8).

(fig 7) 562 Ellis Hollow Creek Rd.



  • The house at 870 Ringwood Road was built by John Ellis, brother of Peleg, who was prominent in Dryden and New York state politics. The house was owned from the 1940s to 1991 by Leverett and Nancy Saltonstall. The original farm was later divided among the Saltonstall children and some sections, including the house, were sold. See the Saltonstall Arts Colony. The house is currently owned by Doug and Wendy Antczak.