Community Center Membership

 The Community Center by-laws define membership as "any member of a family which is a resident of the former Dryden Consolidated School District 20." This includes all of Ellis Hollow Creek Road and portions of Dodge Road, Game Farm Road, Turkey Hill Road, Genung Road, Thomas Road, Ringwood Road, most of Ellis Hollow Road, and all new housing developments within the existing boundaries.

 At the Annual Meeting of the Ellis Hollow Community held on June 8, 2001, it was decided by majority vote to include the development of Genung Circle as part of the Ellis Hollow Community and extend full membership rights to these residents. Many of the residents of Genung Circle (which did not exist when the Community Center was established) have been strong supporters of the Fair and the Ellis Hollow Community Center (EHCC).

 The by-laws also state, "Non-residents living in the vicinity of Ellis Hollow who have been active in community affairs may also be considered residents at the discretion of the Board of Directors." In recent years many families who live outside the boundaries of the Hollow have been extended honorary memberships as a result of their participation with the Fair and/or other Ellis Hollow Community Center activities.

 The purpose of the Ellis Hollow Community Center, located at 111 Genung Road between Ellis Hollow and Ellis Hollow Creek Roads, as stated in its by-laws, is "to provide for the mutual assistance, enjoyment, entertainment, social welfare and improvement of its members." A Board of Directors governs the Community Center. The Board consists of (1) up to nine elected directors, (2) the elected representatives of recognized organizations in the community, and (3) appointed chairs of standing committees (buildings and grounds, activities, etc.). A three-member committee nominates the elected directors. Elected directors are voted into office by all community members present at the annual meeting, which is usually held on the second Saturday in June, following the chicken barbecue. The President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, and coordinator of Member Relations are chosen from these elected directors. Board meetings are usually held the third Wednesday of the month at the Community Center and are open to all Ellis Hollow residents. Starting in 1995, it was decided that Board members would serve (if able) 3-year terms.