1968 - New Community Center

Plans for additions and improvements to the Community Center have been under discussion since the association was formed. In the fall of 1960, the Board of Directors sent a questionnaire to the 160 families of Ellis Hollow requesting suggestions for the future. A report on the questionnaire was printed in the November Gazette. Comments "range from the completely negative to the wildly enthusiastic, from "let's just enjoy the country," to "Buy property and build a community center near Cascadilla Creek and have a swimming hole'." The wildly enthusiastic prevailed.

 The Community Center owned the school house, but the land was leased from the DeMottes. As the Ellis Hollow population continued to grow, the Board felt more land and a larger building were needed. A "Walking Committee" was formed which investigated a number of sites including land on Cascadilla Creek, but the swimming hole idea proved impractical.

In the summer of 1963, the Community Center purchased 28 acres on Genung Road from Reuben Shapley. The Long Range Planning Committee was formed by the Board in 1964 to plan the new center. When Peter Levatich, Chair of the Planning Committee, presented the plan to the Board in April of 1965, the center site was undeveloped land covered by marsh, brush and small trees. The plan was approved, and a fund drive was held in June 1966. One hundred and twenty-two families donated $18,965. Volunteers cleared the land and the new Community Center was under construction by the spring of 1967. Again, many work bees were organized and much of the work at the new Center was done by volunteer labor. By the fall of 1968, the new Community Center was in use.